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The Prophet’s marriage with Aisyah and her age at the time

Berapa usia Aisyah sebenarnya pada waktu dinikahi Rasulullah saw?

Q. I have been asked numerous times about the Prophet’s marriage with Aishah and her age at the time. Could you please throw some light on this issue, and explain the reasons why this marriage took place at such an early age?
A. Ahmad, USA

A. Yes, this question will inevitably be raised time after time, particularly with the steadily increasing attacks against Islam and against the Prophet personally. Yet there is nothing in Islam, or in the character and behavior of Muhammad (peace be upon him), God’s last messenger to mankind, that we need to apologize for, or feel embarrassed about. However, some discussion of his marriage to Aishah and her age at the time of their marriage is needed in order to show that there was nothing wrong in all that.

The most commonly quoted report suggests that Aishah was only six years of age when the Prophet proposed to her, and their actual marriage took place when she was nine. People tend to take this as an established fact. But when we examine this report and take into consideration all factors and related reports, we find that this report does not stand to even elementary scrutiny.

The first thing we have to understand is that the Arabian society at the time of the Prophet was largely illiterate, with very few people able to read and write. There was no particular calendar used for dating major events, let alone the births and deaths of people. We read for example that the Prophet was born in the year of the elephant, which was the year when an Abyssinian commander went from Yemen to Makkah at the head of a large army with the aim of destroying the Kaaba. A large elephant marched in front of the army. Hence, the name given to the event and the year.

Reports of people’s ages in Arabia at the time of the Prophet are often confused, and always uncertain. For example, the common idea of the Prophet’s age at the time of his first marriage to Khadeejah is said to be 25, while she was 40. However, in the most reliable biography of the Prophet, written by Ibn Hisham, which gives him that age, we have two additional reports, one putting his age at 30 and the other at 21. There is simply no way we can determine with any degree of accuracy which of the three figures indicating the Prophet’s age is the correct one. Khadeejah’s age is also subject to speculation with different reports saying that she was 35 and 25. One report by Ibn Abbas, the Prophet’s cousin who was one of the most authoritative scholars among the Prophet’s companions, says that both the Prophet and his wife were 28 at the time of their marriage. Considering that Khadeejah gave the Prophet six children, there is no way she could have been 40 at the time of their marriage, which is the most common report. She must have been much younger, and the report that she was 28 or 25 seems far more reasonable.

The Prophet did not marry anyone else while Khadeejah was alive, and he lived with her for 25 years. When she died and he was facing great pressure, a woman companion of his suggested that he should get married, so that he would have companionship and comfort at home, after a long day of preaching his message. She suggested either a virgin, Aishah, or a previously married woman, Sawdah. The Prophet told her to go with his proposal to both of them.

The idea behind a new marriage was to give the Prophet companionship and comfort, and yet those who suggest that Aishah was six at the time want us to believe that the woman who wanted the Prophet to get married would suggest to him a girl of 6 to marry! That is some companionship! I wonder whether she meant companionship to him or to his youngest daughter who was older than Aishah, if we accept this report.

But then we cannot take the matter on logical factors alone. We have to have some other basis. Consider then that in Ibn Ishaq’s biography of the Prophet, which is the basis and most accurate of all biographies, we have a list of the early Muslims, who accepted Islam in the very early days of the Islamic message. He lists about 50 people and this list includes the names of Abu Bakr’s two daughters, Asmaa’ and Aishah, adding that she was young at the time. On that list, Aishah comes at number 20, but let us not attach any importance to this order. We will only take the fact that all these were Muslims before the message of Islam was in its fifth year, because in that year the first immigration to Abyssinia took place, when many of those included in this list were among the immigrants. 
So, at that time, in year 5 or earlier, Aishah was young but old enough to be listed among people accepting a new faith. What age do we give her? Surely it cannot be said that she was 2 or 4 or 5, and still be included in such a list of illustrious names. Otherwise, all children born to the other 50 people on the list would have been mentioned. She must have been old enough to make an informed decision of the serious magnitude of changing or accepting a religion. To me, she could not have been less than 10 or 8, if people would insist on making her younger.

We now need to find out how long after that her marriage took place. Well, we know that the marriage took place after the Prophet and his companions had settled in Madinah, which means year 13 or 14 of the beginning of Islamic revelations. Simple arithmetic shows that she could not have been less than 14 when she was named to the Prophet as a possible wife, or less than 17 when he married her, with the stronger possibility that she was even older, perhaps 19.

Then someone might ask why the Prophet would marry a young woman of that age when he was 53 or 54? In order to understand such issues we need to remember that we cannot apply our own social norms to a different society, even though we live at the same time. Thus, American social norms may not be applied in Africa, Malaysia or Japan, nor can the social norms of any of these societies be applied in the other. At that time in Arabia, people did not consider age difference between man and wife to be of great significance. Take the case of Umar ibn Al-Khattab and his daughter Hafsah. When she was divorced, Umar suggested to Abu Bakr, who was at least 10 years older than him, to marry her. The age difference in that marriage, had it taken place, would have been nothing less than 30 years, and Umar thought that it would have been a great and welcome match. When Abu Bakr was slow in answering Umar’s suggestion, Umar offered her to Uthman, who was only a few years younger than him. But Uthman had a reason for not marrying her, and then the Prophet married her. He was about the same age as Abu Bakr or slightly older. The age gap counted for nothing at the time.

Pada Usia Berapakah Aisyah Menikah dg Rasulullah

Saya beberapa kali ditanyai tentang pernikahan Rasulullah dengan Aisya RA dan usia Aisyah RA saat itu. Bisakah anda beritahu saya soal ini dan jelaskan mengapa pernikahan ini terjadi saat usia Aisyah RA begitu muda?
A. Ahmad, USA

Ya, pertanyaan ini tak bisa dielakkan akan muncul berulang kali, terutama karena makin seringnya serangan pada Islam dan pribadi Rasulullah. Tapi tidak ada yang perlu kita mintakan maaf atau merasa malu tentang Islam, atau karakter dan perilaku Muhammad SAW, utusan Allah pemungkas kepada ummat manusia. Namun, kita perlu membahas tentang pernikahan Rasulullah dengan Aisyah RA dan usia Aisyah RA saat menikah saat itu agar dapat menunjukkan bahwa tidak ada yang salah.

Riwayat yang paling lazim dikutip menunjukkan bahwa Aisyah RA baru berusia enam tahun ketika Rasulullah melamarnya, dan pernikahan sebenarnya terjadi ketika Aisyah RA berusia sembilan tahun. Data ini sering dianggap sebagai sebuah fakta yang sebenarnya. Tapi ketika kita amati riwayat ini dan mempertimbangkan berbagai faktor dan riwayat terkait lainnya, ternyata riwayat ini terbukti lemah.

Yang pertama harus kita pahami adalah masyarakat Arab di masa Rasulullah hidup umumnya buta huruf dan hanya segelintir saja yang melek huruf. Saat itu tidak ada penanggalan tertentu yang digunakan untuk menandai peristiwa-peristiwa penting, apalagi kelahiran dan wafatnya penduduk. Kita baca misalnya bahwa Rasulullah dilahirkan pada Tahun Gajah, yaitu tahun ketika panglima asal Habsyah memimpin pasukan besar yang berangkat dari Yaman dengan tujuan Mekkah dengan sasaran untuk menghancurkan Kabah. Seekor gajah besar berada di bagian depan pasukan. Karenanya, begitulah dinamai peristiwa itu dan juga tahunnya.
Laporan usia penduduk di Arab di masa Rasulullah sering membingungkan dan seringkali membingungkan. Misalnya, anggapan umum bahwa usia Rasulullah saat pernikahan pertamanya, yaitu dengan Khadijah disebut 25 tahun, sedangkan Khadijah 40. Namun, dalam Sirah (biografi) Nabawiyah yang paling dapat dipercaya, karya Ibn Hisham, yang menyebutkan usia Rasulullah itu, ada dua riwayat tambahan, yang satu menyebutkan usianya 30 dan lainnya 21. Tidak ada cara untuk dapat dengan tepat menentukan yang mana dari ketiga data ini yang tepat menunjukkan usia Rasulullah. Usia Khadijah RA juga menjadi spekulasi dengan adanya riwayat yang menyebut bahwa usianya 35 dan 25. 

Satu riwayat dari Ibn Abbas, sepupu Rasulullah yang dianggap paling sosok otoritatif di kalangan para Shahabat, menyebutkan bahwa baik Rasulullah maupun istrinya berusia 28 tahun saat mereka menikah. Dengan pertimbangan bahwa Khadijah RA melahirkan enam anak Rasulullah, tidak mungkin saat menikah usianya 40 tahun, meskipun ini adalah riwayat yang paling umum. Beliau pasti jauh lebih muda, dan riwayat yang menyebutkan usianya adalah 28 atau 25 tampaknya lebih masuk akal.

Rasulullah tidak menikahi perempuan lain selama Khadijah RA masih hidup, dan beliau hidup bersamanya selama 25 tahun. Ketika Khadijah RA wafat dan menghadapi tekanan yang besar, seorang perempuan dari kalangan Shahabat mengusulkan agar beliau menikah, agar beliau punya pendamping dan pelipur lara di rumah, setelah seharian berdakwah. Perempuan ini mengusulkan seorang perawan, Aisyah RA, atau seorang janda, Sawdah RA. Rasulullah meminta perempuan ini untuk menyampaikan lamarannya kepada keduanya.
Maksud dari pernikahan baru ini adalah agar Rasulullah punya pendamping dan pelipur lara, namun mereka yang setuju bahwa usia Aisyah RA 6 tahun saat dilamar ingin agar kita percaya bahwa perempuan yang mengusulkan agar Rasulullah menikah seolah mengusulkan agar beliau menikah dengan anak berusia 6 tahun! Masa sih pendamping Rasulullah adalah anak-anak! Saya jadi bertanya-tanya apakah yang dimaksud perempuan itu adalah pendamping buat Rasulullah atau pendamping buat putri bungsunya yang lebih tua dari Aisyah RA, jika kita terima riwayat ini.
Tapi kita tidak cukup hanya dengan logika saja. Kita harus punya dasar lain. Coba pertimbangkan juga Sirah Nabawiyah karya Ibn Ishaq, yang menjadi dasar dan paling akurat dari semua Sirah. Kita dapati ada daftar kaum Muslim yang memeluk Islam di periode awal pewahyuan Islam. Ibn Ishaq mendaftar sekitar 50 orang dan di dalamnya ada dua orang putri Abu Bakr RA, Asma’ RA and Aisyah RA, dengan keterangan bahwa saat itu Aisyah RA masih muda. Di daftar itu, Aisyah RA ada di urutan ke 20, tapi urutan ini tidak penting. Kita hanya akan perhatikan fakta bahwa mereka semua ini sudah Islam sebelum pewahyuan Islam masuk tahun 5, karena di tahun itu terjadi hijrah pertama ke Habbasyah (Ethiopia), ketika banyak dari yang termasuk di daftar ini juga turut hijrah. 

Jadi, saat itu, di tahun ke 5 Islam atau lebih awal lagi, Aisyah RA masih muda tapi cukup umur untuk masuk daftar orang-orang yang awal masuk Islam. Usia berapakah Aisyah RA? Pasti tidak mungkin usianya 2 atau 4 atau 5 tahun, dan tetap dimasukkan daftar bersama sosok-sosok utama lainnya. Jika tidak, semua anak-anak dari 50 orang dalam daftar itu juga pasti tercantum. Aisyah RA pasti cukup umur untuk mengambil keputusan sedemikian penting dalam mengubah dan menerima suatu keyakinan. Buat saya, usia Aisyah RA tidak mungkin kurang dari 10 atau 8 tahun, jika memang ada yang bersikeras bahwa Aisyah RA harus berusia muda saat itu.
Sekarang kita perlu cari tahu berapa lama setelah itu pernikahannya terjadi. Nah, kita tahu bahwa pernikahan terjadi setelah peristiwa Hijrah ke Madinah, yang artinya tahun ke 13 atau 14 pewahyuan Islam. Perhitungan sederhana menunjukkan bahwa usia Aisyah RA saat itu tidak lebih muda dari 14 ketika dia diusulkan menjadi istri Rasulullah, atau lebih muda dari 17 tahun saat beliau menikahinya, dengan kemungkinan yang lebih kuat adalah Aisyah RA lebih tua dari itu, kira-kira 19 tahun.
Lalu mungkin ada yang tanya kenapa Rasulullah menikahi perempuan semuda itu ketika usianya sendiri 53 atau 54 tahun? Agar bisa mengerti hal ini kita perlu ingat bahwa kita tidak bisa memakai norma sosial kita kepada suatu masyarakat lain, meskipun kita hidup semasa. Jadi, norma sosial Amerika tidak bisa dipakai di Afrika, Malaysia atau Jepang, dan tidak juga bisa salah satu norma negeri ini dipakai di negeri lainnya. Saat itu di Arab, orang tidak terlalu menggubris perbedaan usia antara suami dan istri. Ambil contohnya Umar ibn Al-Khattab RA dan Hafsah RA, putrinya. Saat dia dicerai, Umar RA mengusulkan kepada Abu Bakr RA, yang setidaknya 10 tahun lebih tua dari dirinya, untuk menikahi putrinya. Jika pernikahan itu terjadi, maka beda usia di antara mereka sekitar 30an tahun, dan Umar RA beranggapan bahwa hal itu tidak masalah. Ketika Abu Bakr RA tidak segera dalam memberi jawaban, Umar RA mengusulkan putrinya kepada Utsman RA, yang lebih muda sedikit dari dirinya. Tapi Utsman RA tidak menerima usulan Umar RA, dan lalu Rasulullah lah  yang menikahinya. Usia Rasulullah saat itu kurang lebih sama dengan Abu Bakr RA. Beda usia saat itu bukan masalah.

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